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10 Things We Can Do About Evangelisation:

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14 SEPT 16


  1. Let others around us know that we are Christians by the way we behave and love.
  2. Get out of our comfort zone to meet people we normally do not meet.
  3. Our lives are shaped and informed by our Christian faith and values, it is our mission to live as a beacon of Christ’s light for others.
  4. Take an interest in lives of people around us such as learning to listen to the stories of the other.
  5. Sharing our problems with others and show how our faith has helped us.
  6. Learn how to speak of God in our daily life.
  7. Ask our friends about their faith and just listen.
  8. We care and serve the needy and marginalized around us.
  9. Listen to our friends’ problems, learn to pray for them and entrusting them to God.
  10. Stay open and be led by the Holy Spirit.