Tenets of the New Evangelisation

Word, Worship, Communion, and Witness.


We seek and experience with joy a personal relationship with Jesus through our personal encounter and re-encounter with Him that leads to our continual conversion and a deepening of our commitment to Him.


We renew the vibrancy of Liturgical celebrations, especially the Eucharist, by wholehearted and prayerful preparation and participation, and we celebrate the Sacraments authentically by living them out in our daily lives.


We live, love and serve in communion with God, and with each other within the Church (priests, religious and laity) so as to bring all peoples to communion with God and with each other.


We share our faith in every sphere of life through our proclamation of the Good News and the witness of our life, according to our charism and discerned vocation, and using approaches, methods and expressions relevant to today’s society, specially reaching out in love and service to the poor, marginalised, and disadvantaged in society.