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8 natural ways to share the Catholic faith with a non-Catholic partner

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14 SEPT 16

  1. Your life conforms to your faith. It counts! When your Catholic faith permeates your lifestyle. These can include:  Fast and abstinence, grace before and after meals, alms giving and that respect for life and dignity of all creation. Be ready to give reasons for your faith.
  2. Share how God is alive in your daily life, e.g. how God make things fall in pace through an unexpected turn of events which no man could have engineered. In short, God walks with us through the day.
  3. Be engaged and participative in what is happening in the faith at large, i.e. current Vatican teaching on family, the Vatican’s view on refugees etc. At the same time, be a contributing member of the local parish and actively involved in faith communities. These will be further extensions of Catholic exposures beyond immediate family and friends.
  4. Recognize that as a common denominator, all of us share a deep desire for wholeness and connectedness that often suffer due to our brokenness.  These deepest longings of our hearts will be met in the person of Christ Jesus.
  5. Do not shy from verbally expressing your desire for your partner to know and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Often it is the lack of this obvious question at the appropriate time that the person has not been invited to embark on a more deliberate journey. The seed once planted, i.e. openness to explore further will come to faith through constant care from his or her loved ones and by the grace of God.
  6. Include your partners into every ceremony, celebrations and rituals that mark the various milestones of our life, i.e. the life cycle sacraments of baptism right up to funeral rites.
  7. Cultivate healthy friendships and family relationships including extended ones. Often times it honest and true relationships that the person will experience genuine love and concern.
  8. Allow as varied a cohort of Catholics to interact with your partner. Such friendships and neighborly help can create bridges and channels for the faith to be shared.