About us

The Office for the New Evangelisation was inaugurated in September 2013.

Our Mission

The Office for the New Evangelisation catalyses the baptised faithful to live out our mission to evangelise, by:

  • aligning clergy, religious, laity and Archdiocesan Organisations to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Vision; by
  • advocating a change of culture; and by providing
  • formation and resources, to facilitate an encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ through the Word and worship and equip our faithful to be witnesses, in communion as one Body of Christ, in the world.

Our Team

Episcopal Vicar for the New Evangelisation: 

Rev Fr Terence Pereira

Administration, and Events:

Angelina Teo (angelina@one.org.sg)

Angelia Boey (angelia.boey@one.org.sg)

New Evangelisation Team:

Agnes Ngou (agnes@one.org.sg)

Daphne Leong (daphne@one.org.sg)

Pauline Ambrose (pauline@one.org.sg)

Rofina Tham (rofina@one.org.sg)

Sheila Fong (sheila@one.org.sg)

Sylvester Singh (sylvester@one.org.sg)