Five areas to grow disciples

We want to grow disciples in our community just as Jesus did. He was a mentor, a shepherd and a friend to his disciples. There are five areas of growing disciples in the community that we want to learn.

It is about relationship!

Growing disciples is more than a programme or coming together for study. It is about building trusting relationships. This has to be done intentionally so that we grow to know and trust each other better.

It is about commitment!

As modern people, we are often afraid of commitments because they take away our precious time. However, in order to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, we pay a price and that is commitment. The first commitment to make is of course our relationship with Jesus Christ. We live out this commitment in the community because it is in relating to others that we grow our relationship with Jesus Christ. So commitment to the community is tied to the commitment to our relationship with Jesus Christ. As members of a community, we are then committed to help each other grow. We are not there as consumers but as fellow disciples growing relationship with God and with each other.

It is about doing!

As a community of disciples, we are not just passively learning. We need to put God’s Word into action serving and ministering to others especially the needy and marginalized. This is mission! We bring God’s love and compassion to those who need it; this is how we are serving the Kingdom of God.

It is about challenges!

Community life is not always a bed of roses. When things are not questioned and everyone is too comfortable, we need to ask ourselves: ‘Are we growing as a community?’ We must not be afraid of misunderstandings in the community. They allow for opportunities to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. We want to learn to be disciples who can be authentic and speak Truth so as to help each other to get out of the comfort zone to grow.

It is about seeking holiness!

As a community, we seek holiness by turning to God in all that we do. It is the norm in the life of a community to always ask: “Lord, what do you want of us?” It is in committing ourselves to God that we allow God’s graces to flow through us so that we can touch others.