Five characteristics of Communion

    Communion – We live, love, and serve in communion with God, and with each other within the Church (priests, religious and laity) so as to bring all peoples to communion with God and with each other.
  1. Hospitality and a sense of belonging:
    Our community takes the initiative to look out for others, help newcomers to feel welcome and accepted.
    We pray and intercede for each other, journeying and growing together as a community.
  2. Formed for mission together:
    We gather as a community to pray the Word of God and learn the teachings of the Church. We are formed to witness and serve others (within and outside the church), especially the poor and marginalised.
  3. Authentic sharing/giving of self that fosters communion:
    Each member offers time and gifts according to their means to grow the community freely without coercion.
  4. Culture of faith sharing:
    Members of the community are encouraged and equipped to engage in the dialogue of faith and life. They are able to share their God-encounters with each other, communicating faith, hope and love.
  5. Collaboration:
    Collaboration between members in the community for the purpose of living and sharing the Word of God, worshipping and witnessing together which bring about spiritual growth for the collaborators and those whom they minister or serve.